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  1. My favorite color earrings are a lovely mustard-color-with green-and-black highlights. I’ve never seen another earring that color. It’s lovely.

  2. Mary, these are just gorgeous as are the ones in the pic advertising their site. They are the colors of the sea…blue, green, purple…my favorite colors!!! Thanks for making our mornings more interesting…one never knows where you will take us with your blog… Hope you have a great day!
    xoxo Marian

  3. Love all of these. Green is my favorite. Please post a website link or keep my email for shows next summer. Would love to see all your creations.

  4. Beautiful!!! I must love soft blue and purple together as I am making a quilt w/ blues/ purples and greens for one of my grandchildren..

  5. your ocean blues and sand color browns are wonderful but you did a necklace that was an orange and green mixture that really floating my boat~~Happy Holidays~~~

  6. Absolutely awesome earrings and bead work…so happy Mary M. posted this giveaway on her site. Very generous of Mary to share the blessings…of course she would. OK, lilac…no blue…no rose…OK, I want them all!

  7. I’m probably the only woman in the world who doesn’t have her ears pierced..but my daughter does.. and she loves earth- tones like amber,gold, green, etc. I’d love to give her a pair of your amazing earrings for Christmas! Blessings to you :)

    • Carol, You are the lucky winner. Please send me the address to where you want the earring sent so I get get them out before Christmas!!

  8. Ah, a perfect compliment to my grey hair…a pair of grey/blue earrings….now just to find the holes in my ears…another pair of glasses, please!

    SandyP in Canada

  9. I was all set to say earthy tones until I saw the blue/purple ones you have posted above. Now I think those are my favorite! :) Beautiful work!

  10. Hi Nancy,
    First what a talent you have. I am always amazed at the gift artists have.
    My favorite colors are earth colors – red, orange, brown, rust, green.
    Thank you for this holiday gift. Nancy

  11. Absolutley stunning work! Not a one i don’t like but earthy greens, browns, reds (stone colors) are my favorites. Thanks for being in the “giving spirit” and for Mary Muncil for leading me here :) Kathy

  12. I’m so happy to have found your web site! The earrings that are shown are beautiful. My favorite colors are dark shades of blue.

  13. I’d find a way to make any earring of yours my favorite, judging by what I’ve seen here! I came here from Mary Muncil’s site and will be back again. Your work is just beautiful. My real favorite colors are purply blue greens. Yup, I know what I like. Thanks for this giveaway!

  14. My favorite color is blue and I love blue or acqua stones with silver. Thank-you for your generosity in making this offer to your subscribers. If you bake and love Italian Christmas cookies, I invite you to visit my blog cookierose.blogspot.com for some authentic recipes and tidbits about them. The cookie recipes are the first 4 or 5 posts and then I wandered from the topic. I do not post often but I would welcome you to subscribe. Thanks again.

  15. Deep reds like wine, pomegranate or cranberries are my colors, especially when contrasted with silver or a pale color or …. Every one of your pieces, Nancy is a little world – all are so interesting to look at. Gorgeous!

  16. Nancy, your work is lovely, so articulate in its color and pattern! Thanks for the contest (I like silver, red, or turquoise blue) , and hugs to our mutual friend Mary Muncil for spreading the word!

  17. I was informed of your site by good friend Jack M. my girl friend loves jewelery,please consider for the contest. thanks jim mitchell P.S. ask Jack about the Mitch man.Peace to you @yours this holiday season.

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