Feedback and Criticism


Its been a long winter here in Maine. The sun has started to get warm and there is evidence of spring popping up on the ground.

But I’ve been in a slump lately. I get into the studio to work and I’m just not inspired. I clean, I organize but I’m not creating.I make a few beads and they come out cloudy because the glass had some dirt on it or the colors are muddy and not what I was going for in the first place. I walk away….IMG_2766

I’m in the middle of another change. I’m quitting my part-time job that I’ve had since we moved here and putting more energy into my business. I love to grow and learn but in the middle of change I often forget that I feel disconnected, leaving one frame of mind and taking on a completely new one feels….feels…I’m not sure how to describe it!! Good at times, exhilarating yet weird and strange…IMG_2771

So back to the heading…Feedback and Criticism….You see the good new, THE GREAT news is I sold a few of my earrings to a local shop that I love.The owner loved my work and even though my prices where high for her shop she was attracted to several pieces and wanted them. She gave me great feedback as to what sells for her and what people are buying and some Galleries that I might consider contacting to sell my work..All feedback, feedback feedback. I heard it, I felt it to be true….Hmmm then why by the time I got home it turned to criticism??? Yikes!! shut that brain down.I heard my friend Mary Muncil’s voice…”Instead of thinking about whats wrong with you, think about whats right”

Here are some things I quotes I found to help me stay on track…Maybe they will help you too.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ― Aristotle

“If you are against yourself, you will never reach your highest potential. And when you criticize yourself, you’re criticizing God.”  - Joel Osteen

“I pay no attention to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.”
― Lance Armstrong, Every Second Counts

Beginners Luck

My metal class is almost over and I haven’t posted about it in weeks. I was so excite the first week. I fell in love with the mixed metal piece I created. Since then its been a bit of a struggle.I find it hard to create at a moments notice ,to draw out a design and make it come to life.I’m learning and just having fun.

IMG_2645This week we’re were cutting out prongs to hold a flat back cabochon in place. We are learning cold connection , no heat or soldering…. So here is my draft. I had to remember which parts to cut out and which part will remain…

Ok…GOt it!!IMG_2646

  Cutting out the design is a lot of fun even if you break two or three saw blades in the process.The tiny pieces near the center will make the prongs to hold down the rose quartz gem I have measured to fit there.


As you can see from the class picture we all had very different ideas… We substituted a black onyx on my piece just for the picture because my piece wasn’t done yet. I wanted to do some patina work on the copper to make it pop…

My fist attempt at torch fired patina was bad!! The piece went black so fast I didn’t know what to do… I cleaned the metal off and tried again…Still not what I was looking for…IMG_0001

I needed more of a contrast. I torch fired the piece again and quenched it water ASAP. This time I got more color on the copper…some orange and a hit of purple…Much better.

I can live with it but that rose quartz had to go. I found a single post earring in my stash and cut off the post. It was the perfect size for the center…I’m done . I’m happy with the results, I learned a lot but I don’t really like the piece very much…………Next!!


The Shape of things to come…


If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen the new tools I received. What I didn’t share was the shapes I will be able to create….IMG_2653 I wanted to try them both before I did that. The top tool allows me to make bicone beads in a variety of sizes and creates ridges on the beads as well and the bottom one make teeny tiny beads. Wow that’s hard for me since I am a “GO Big or GO Home” kind of girl.

Now for the fun part, the beads.


New Listings, Spring energy


IMG_0013I’ve been busy getting things put together, taking pictures editing them and then getting them listed on I’m embracing the process. It’s time-consuming and tedious but necessary if I want to get my product sold…

IMG_0031So here are some of the latest listings. Just click on the picture and follow the link to see more. I gotta get out in the studio the torch is calling…



Dremel possibilities

I picked up a Dremel hand tool just after Christmas. I bought it to clean out the bead release from my beads. Each bead after its made needs to be cleaned one at a time by hand. It was a job that was tedious and time-consuming. Now with my Dremel I love cleaning the beads. There is nothing like a little power tool to help do the job five times faster.


Having the Dremel tool now opens up other possibilities.I picked up these Mahjong games pieces at an Antique store near by. I thought they would make some very cool earrings. I got to use my Dremel again, this time to drill holes. I was a bit nervous but the drill went in smooth and the holes were exactly where I wanted them. I added beads to the bottom and wore a pair all weekend. The other pair stayed in New York with a good friend…